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Mr. Andrew Wilson

Manager- Marketing

Blue Sky Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Kings Park, Baker Street

Westminster, United Kingdom

March 3rd, 2012

Subject: Proposal for initiating new marketing project!

Dear Mr. Wilson,

With reference to our telephonic discussion held yesterday, we have developed a new marketing project for promoting the recently launched products of Eagle Cloth Merchandisers Pvt. Ltd around the globe. Please review the enclosed marketing project for your approval.

We have been handling the marketing projects of your esteemed organization since 2005. This new marketing project is prepared by considering all the sales related requirements of Eagle Cloth Merchandisers Pvt. Ltd in order to target the potential clientele on the international platform. We can assure you the achievement of committed objectives within a given deadline.

Blue Sky Marketing Pvt. Ltd would be happy to commence this prospective marketing project with Eagle Cloth Merchandisers Pvt. Ltd.

If you have any query, please contact us on: 6879 788 5868 or at:

We look forward to your timely response.


Hannah Timberlake

Manager- Sales

Eagle Cloth Merchandisers Pvt. Ltd

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