Formal Letters

Formal Letter Application


Mr. Andrew Wilson

Senior Editor,

Vanessa Publications Pvt. Ltd

Down Lake Market, Baker Street,

Westminster, London,

March 7th, 2012

Subject: Application for Working as a Freelance Writer!

Dear Mr Wilson,

With the reference to your advertisement published in “The Sun” newspaper’s Sunday Edition, I would like to submit my formal application in order to work as a freelance writer for your esteemed publication house “Vanessa Publications Pvt. Ltd”.

With my years of wild life experience and scientific knowledge, I am capable of generating exceptional and informative content that can benefit your publishing house. I have deep interested in conducting research on animal behaviour as I have a set of published articles on the same topic with online journals.

I would appreciate if you can give a suitable time to further discuss about the job position and its responsibilities. I am herewith enclosing the copy of my resume and some of my projects for your perusal.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Emma Watson

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