Collection Letters

Final Notice Collection Letter


Mr. Martin Symonds

80, Farmers Street

San Diego, CA

Date: 16-12-2011

Subject: Final Notice collection letter

Dear Mr. Symonds,

I am writing this letter as a reminder for the payment of last installment of your loan, which you took in 2008 and the last installment is due since September 2011. This is the final notice to remind you about your due payment. Prior to this, many letters and notices were sent but there was no action from your side.

Kindly consider this as the final notice, after which the non-payment of dues will result in legal actions against you. We have reminded you several times and now the deadline for payment is 31-12-2011. You are asked to pay your due amount of four installments that you have not paid which is $3200.

This is the final notice, ignorance of which, will lead us to take legal actions against you.

Yours’ sincerely

Mitchell Carter

Morgan Financers.

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