Collection Letters

Debt Collection Letter


Mr. Scott Symonds

413, Wilbur Street

San Diego, CA

Date: 16-12-2011

Subject: Debt Collection Letter

Dear Mr. Symonds,

I am writing this letter to notify you, that you have not paid your loan installments from last four months. We have been calling you on the given phone number but you are not responding. It has been very surprising that even after sending so many notifications, you never communicated back.

Now, we cannot extend this collection period and cannot wait for anymore installments based payment. We ask you to clear the entire amount due by the end of this month, that is, December 2011.

If you don’t pay the due amount by the given deadline, then legal actions will be taken against you and we’ll register a court case against you. I hope you’ll cooperate this time and would not trouble us as well as yourself.

Yours’ sincerely

Andrew Vettori,

Debt Collection Manager,

Berger Financials ltd.

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