Resignation Letters

Expressive Resignation Letter


Mr. Frederick Johns

Head Sales Department

Shipley software Ltd

H-17, Fifth floor

Shipley, West Yorkshire,

8 July 2011

Subject: Expressive Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Johns

I am tendering my resignation from the sales executive position from your organization which will be effective from 15th July 2011. I have been presented with an opportunity to work with a marketing team as a marketing manager, due to which I have taken this decision to resign from my current job.

I had a wonderful experience working with your organization, which also offered me great learning practice. I have gained many skill and know-how which will definitely help me in my future endeavours. I firmly believe that Shipley software ltd is an outstanding organization to work with. I have also given reference of couple of my friends who will like to join this organization, if they get selected.

I wish to have a long-term relationship with the organization and the team.

Thanking you

Fisher Powel

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