Resignation Letters

Resignation Letter Notice


Mr. Filler Quinn

Head HR Department

South Sea software Ltd

C-7, Fourth floor

South sea, Hampshire,

22 July 2011

Subject: Resignation Letter Notice

Dear Mr. Quinn

I am sending this letter as a notice for my resignation. I would like to give a notice period of two months before I leave this job. I have got an opportunity to work for a senior profile with another software company. It was not an easy decision for me and I decided to quit after many hours of thoughtful consideration, especially in terms of my future objective.

I had a wonderful working experience with South Sea software ltd. I have gained a lot of new concepts, skills and expanded my knowledge with the help of my seniors and team members. I will try my best to finish my current project before I quit the organization to make it smooth for my team.

Thanking you

French Porter

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