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Engagement Congratulations Letter


Bruce Adams


Hoffman Enterprises Ltd.

5th Charles Street,

North Region, Greater London,


25th April 2011

Subject: Congratulating your brother on his engagement.

Dear Adam,

It fills me with delight to hear about the engagement of your brother, Alex with Zia on April 29. I would like to send my heartiest congratulations to you on such a happy occasion.

I personally know Zia’s family and they are such a good people. I have maintained business terms with her father for quite a long time and they sustain a respectable position in the society. I am heartily happy for you and your family. Zia is indeed a very good choice made by Alex and I would be enchanted to be a part of your brother’s engagement.

Kindly forward my heartiest congratulations to the couple. May God bless the two with a fruitful and a rewarding life ahead.

Warm regards.


Michael Paul.



Congratulation Letters

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