Confirmation Letters

Confirmation Letters

Confirmation letters are those letters/ documents which are sent by an individual or company or institution to another in order to confirm an invitation, an offer, a request and so on. Confirmation letters are formal documents and they must be written in a suitable tone.

  • Confirmation letters can be offered by an individual in accepting an invitation to a private gathering like a wedding or a party. The tone of courtesy should be maintained at all times and the sender must offer thanks to the recipient for having extended the invitation to him.
  • Colleges and universities, jobs and other organizations also offer confirmation letters which confirm or reinforce an individual’s entry and acceptance into that organization. Such documents are issued by specific departments of the institution and are also known as confirmation letters.
  • Such documents, because they are professional and businesslike, must be kept short and concise. The offer extended must be accepted and if there are any queries regarding the same, they can be made part of the confirmation letter as well.
  • In case of close associates and loved ones, the confirmation letters can convey warmth and happiness. However even in such a case, they should be kept short.

Confirmation Letter

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