Employment Letters

Employment Training Letter

Date  :  (Put Date)

To     :  Ms. Catherine Miller, Operations Supervisor

From :  Ms. Susan Collins, Training Manager

Subject:       Employee Development Program

As part of the company’s on-going Employee Development Program, every employee is evaluated on areas of effectiveness and improvement. Your management team believes that employees should be well rounded in all aspects to become an efficient team player.

In the recent employee profiling, you were classified as one of the supervisors who will most benefit the training on enhancing leadership qualities. Please be advised then that you are one of the participants in the training workshop “Developing the Leader within You” to be conducted by an outsource partner on (Specify Date) at the Training and Development Academy, Los Angeles, California.

This will be a paid live-in seminar. Your accommodation, travel fare and other training related expenses will be handled by the company. Your attendance on this training workshop is highly expected.

For further information, please call Mr. Alexander Smith, our Training Coordinator.


Susan Collins



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