Employment Letters

Employment Satisfaction Letter

Date  :  (Put Date)

To     :  Ms. Sharon Evert

From :  Mr. Bruce Adams


I would like to extend my appreciation on a job well done. Having an employee like you who put into action our goal of customer satisfaction is indeed very overwhelming.

Ms. Samantha Brown, one of our valued clients, called yesterday to express her gratitude on how you went out of your way to process her request for reconnection of her postpaid mobile account. Ms. Brown admitted that she overlooked her billing period and missed her payment due date. You definitely made Ms. Brown a loyal customer by reconnecting her line because you checked on her record and saw that she was always on time for payment except for this missed period. You used your judgment very effectively on this matter.

Ms. Brown kept her word; she paid her bill and did not compromise your situation of extending to her your kindness. Keep up the good work and rest assured that every dedication to work will not go unnoticed.


Bruce Adams

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