Charity Letters

Effective Charity Letter


Mr Brad Cruise,

Sunrise Old Age Home,

Bridgeton Archway,



Mr Harry Watson,

Watson Villa,



Dear Mr Harry Watson,

I, Mr Brad Cruise, am writing this letter to put forward a plea on behalf of the Sunrise Old Age Home. We people look after the elderly people who are abandoned by their family and our society. The elderly people are really gems of the human society. These people have contributed their efforts and savings for the building up of the leisurely life which we dwell in. And all they have got in return is banishment. These people deserve to get a better living.

The entire city is witness to the philanthropist part side of your persona and we appeal to you to help us build an ambience in which these gems of human society can live their twilight days. Our deeds can make them proud of their contribution or repent on it. Now it is up to us to decide the course of their living. Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Brad Cruise

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