Charity Letters

Charity Intent Letter


Mr Jones,

St Mary Home for Orphans,

Wilson Boulevard,



Mr Potter,

Sterling House,


Dear Mr Potter,

I, Mr Jones, am drafting this letter to submit a plea at your disposal for your help. As the name would elucidate, St Mary Home for Orphans is a home open for all the orphans. We not only provide shelter and food to the needy. But, we try to shoulder the responsibility of making their life as dignified as one deserves. We try to educate the orphan children. Those who have crossed their age for proper education are made to learn the basic and elementary things. We put in an endeavour for making these people self-dependent by exploring the talent in them and making them sharpen their skills.

However, this endeavour of ours has received a setback in the recent times. We are facing shortage of funds because of the ever increasing and pestering inflation. We, hereby, put forward a plea at your disposal to seek some donations for accomplishing our aim.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Jones

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