Courtship Letters

Dramatic Courtship letter

February 5, 2010

Dear Hannah,

How has your day been?

I hope it has been a lot better than mine.  For days since we met last month, I haven’t been able to eat well.  I have lost my appetite, even for the most delicious food at my favorite restaurant or my favorite home-cooked meal.  I have been lying awake for many nights, counting sheep up to a thousand, counting stars and identifying constellations, to no avail.

Last week, I sought advice from a psychologist.  He gave me medication, but those, too and the hour-long sessions with him failed to ease my suffering.

Yesterday, I finally found out why my whole world seemed tumbled down.  After a long talk with my closest friend, I found out what I was ailing from.  I found out the one thing that was missing.  I found out that I was in love with you.

Please ease my suffering and say you will be mine.

Thinking of you everyday,


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