Courtship Letters

Acquaintance Courtship Letter

June 20, 2010

Dear Emily,

How have you been since the company anniversary party last week?  I hope you’re doing great and that the project you were telling me about was successful.

Since we met on that party, I have been feeling so upbeat.  I have never felt so enthusiastic about life or as optimistic about work than I am now.  And there could be no other reason than you.

I know that we’ve only known each other for a few days.  We’ve gone out only twice, but already I feel that I have fallen madly in love with you.  The new things that I know about you each day only adds to the fact that we have so much in common.

Give me a chance to show you just how good we are together.  Spend more time with me – let’s go to all those places we both want to explore!



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