Acknowledgement Letters

Donor Acknowledgement Letter


Ms Martha Mason

563 Morrow Drive,


July 26, 2012

Subject: Acknowledgment of donation to St Paul’s Children Hospital

Dear Ms Mason,

Please accept our gratitude and appreciation regarding your donation to the cancer ward of St Paul’s Children’s Hospital. We have received a check of $5,000 from you on July 26, which will be utilized to treat children suffering from cancer, for payment of medical fees of underprivileged children, for construction and maintenance of the children’s ward and will also be used for research purposes. We have 60 children in our hospital at present and out of them 23 are suffering from some form of cancer. Your contribution will help us make their lives better.

We will be glad to take you on a tour of the children’s ward and the play area and also show you how your money has been utilized. If you have any questions or would like to visit us, you can contact our human resources manager Will Tanner or development manager Logan Jones at 783483284, 787483282 or 783483274. We will keep you informed on any further development and usage of your donation through weekly newsletters and emails. Thank you once again for your gracious contribution.

Yours truly,

Marleena Rose Johnson

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