Decline Letters

Decline Letter Template


____________: [Write the name of the letter recipient]

_____________: [designation of the recipient]

______________: [name of recipient’s company]

______________: [Mention the complete address of the company]

__________________: [mention the date on which the letter is being sent]

Sub: _________________ [give proper subject to the letter in a line]

Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms,

Thank you for expressing your interest in ___________ [mention the details of the application that the recipient has made] with our ________ [name of the college/organization where the recipient has applied]

Referring to your _____________ [mention the details of the proposal/ application] send on _______ [write the date on which the proposal/ application is being sent], we have analysed it and discussed it carefully with ____________ [name of the authority who discussed the application].

We regret to inform you that we decline your ___________ [type of request or application that has been declined] as we ____________ [reason for declining the request/proposal or application]

Kindly feel free to contact us at: ___________ [e-mail id] or on: ________ [phone number] in case you have a question or a query.

Yours Sincerely,

_________ [write the name of the sender]

_________ [designation of the sender]

_________ [company name of the sender]

_________: [address of the sender]

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