Admission Letters

Decline Admission Letter


Mr Richardson,


Imperial College of Commerce,



Mr Tobey,

A -2, Bridgeton lane,


Dear Mr Tobey,

I, Mr Richardson, principal of Imperial College of Commerce, am writing this letter to inform you that your admission plea has been declined by the college authorities. There has been more than one factor responsible for this unfortunate decision taken by the college authorities. Firstly, the term has started long time back and hence it shall be not feasible to put such tremendous pressure on you, or in that context on any other pupil.

Secondly, the admission in Imperial College of Commerce has to be secured by appearing and clearing the entrance examination and this is the only channel for students to enter the institution. Since, you have not appeared in this entrance examination, it would not be feasible for the college authorities to grant you the admission. The college shall welcome you in the following academic year, provided your eligibility. Wishing you all the best for your career and life,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Richardson

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