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Apartment Lease Agreement Letter


Mr Potter,

D -3, Glory Apartments,

Privet Drive,



Mr Lewinsky,

D -4, Glory Apartments,

Privet Drive,


Dear Mr Lewinsky,

I am hopeful that this letter finds you in the pink of your health. As you would be aware that the period of agreement for leasing of the apartment is approaching its expiry and the agreement shall end in the last week of this month. We have discussed about this earlier and you have intimated me that you wish to extend the agreement for a period of one year. The legal formalities are needed to be fulfilled to avoid any inconvenience in future. Hence, please make me aware when we shall be completing these legal formalities.

Also, I have intimated you about the changes which I wish to bring in the new agreement. I have enclosed the list of desired changes in the clauses along with this letter. I am looking forward to the completion of a successful agreement between the two of us and a start of a new one.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Potter

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