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College Admissions Recommendation Letter


Mr Warden,


St. Louis Degree College,



Mr Kahn,


Imperial Institute of Higher Studies,

Cape Town

Dear Mr Kahn,

I, Mr Warden, principal of St Louis Degree College, am drafting this letter as a recommendation for the admission of William Stryker in your esteemed institution. William has completed his Bachelor Degree in the field of Science and Technology from St Louis Degree College and he wishes to pursue his higher studies from your institute. I would like to mention that William has been one of the better students in our institute and has always excelled in the academic studies on a consistent basis.

William is also a bright and active mind in the creative field and has always performed during the various events of our institute. He is an excellent talent and an elite educational institute for higher studies like yours shall help him explore his talent more efficiently. I am hopeful that my recommendation proves fruitful for your institute and William. Wishing best luck for William and your institution,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Warden

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