Credit Letters

Credit Report Dispute Letter


Mr. Christopher S Robin,

Manager – ABC Credit Agency

#6, Balerno, Edinburgh,

London, EH14

Date : 29th July 2012

Subject : Letter to dispute credit report sent by your agency

Dear Mr. Christopher,

I have recently received a credit report from your agency which gives complete information of my entire outstanding credit. But I have found a lot of errors in the credit report. The first error is that my surname has been mis-spelt as Rodin instead of Robin. Secondly the credit report shows an outstanding amount in one of my credit card for which I have made payment in full last month. Thirdly there is a credit card outstanding amount reflecting in my credit report where I do not hold any such card.

I request to kindly take immediate action to rectify these mistakes in my credit report. I have always been an honest payer of all credit cards and have never defaulted in any of my credit payments so far. With the credit report that has been sent by your agency it affects my creditworthiness very badly and is not something that is acceptable to me.

I therefore request you to act immediately on my credit report dispute letter and rectify the errors accordingly. I am enclosing my bank statement and latest credit card statements for you to do the needful at the earliest.

Thanking you.

Yours Truly,

Anne Robin.

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