Three Tips For Writing Great Cover Letters

A cover letter is a kind of a letter that is sent along with the resume and application letter of the sender to the employer or recruiter in a company or an organisation. A cover letter is one which is used to give the details of the sender and talk about the various academic qualifications, skills and other personality attributes. These letters are very important because on them depends the career of the applicant and a good cover letter can lead to his/her selection in the organisation/company. But the question is how to write a great cover letter? The answer to this question lies in the following 3 tips which are easy to understand and follow.

  • Since a cover letter is a letter which is used for self introduction to the employer, it must be written down by following a formal tone and format. One should always start writing it from the left margin and continue the same way throughout the letter. While writing the body of the letter, one should avoid to sound either too over confident or too under confident. A neutral tone should be adopted and any point should not be exaggerated beyond a certain limit.
  • As far as the content is concerned, the body of the letter must focus on the academic qualifications of the individual and the various skills and qualities he/she possesses. A brief write up about the previous work experiences can also be given in the body. It is important for the recipient to know why the applicant is suitable for the job and hence sufficient reasons should be provided but in a subtle way.
  • Always be respectful and humble. Do not forget mentioning why you have applied for the job and for the particular job position. In short, the objective of your application should be clear.

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