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Cover Letter Action Verbs

To make your cover letter much more effective in delivering your intentions on your letter, it is necessary to use cover letter action verbs. These words not only give a professional look to your cover letter but also allow the letter to be very comprehensible to the reader and recipient. Most of these commonly used action verbs for cover letters are grouped according to the specific skills that you want to portray on your cover letter. You may want to select the appropriate action verbs for different skills such as communication skills, creative skills, financial skills, helping skills, management and leadership skills, organizational skills and research skills. You may also want to consider proper usage of action verbs for teaching and technical skills.

Most of these cover letter action verbs are used to describe skills and accomplishments when writing effective cover letters and resumes. These words allow the reader to properly understand the contents of your cover letter as well as increase the strength of your writing. Resumes and cover letters using efficient action verbs are highly appreciated by most employers. The professionalism these action verbs reflect to your writing would definitely give you an advantage prior to meeting your interviewee or employer in person.

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