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Counselor Cover Letters

December 7, 2004

Mr. Mike Riddick

Personnel Director

Mind Ease Shelter

523 West Third Street

New York, NY 32622

Dear Mr. Riddick:

I am writing to you as to express my interest in filling up the vacancy of the counselor position at your organization. One of your resident counselors referred the job opportunity to me and I consider my credentials appropriate to the qualification you are looking for. This letter of application is accompanied with my resume as well as other certificates as proof to my outstanding dedication in the field.

During my previous work at our local non-profit organization helping homeless families, I was able to practice different counseling methods and techniques I have learned from training programs and seminars. I have also other work experiences with common counseling concerns such as child and women protection and legal procedures for arranging divorce cases. These additional skills give me an advantage in resolving issues with different degrees of seriousness.

My Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice also gave me an advantage in improving my counseling skills. I believe that these credentials would make me fit for the position and my experiences in the practice put me on top of the qualified applicants. Thank you for your kind consideration. I am looking forward to your positive reply.


Thomas Ferguson

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