Acceptance Letters

Corporate Event Acceptance Letter


Henry Peterson

Managing director, Peterson group of companies



19th May 2012

Subject: Corporate event acceptance letter

Respected Mr. Peterson

This is to inform you that I, Jack McDonalds on behalf of ‘Tim and Cook Corporation’ have received the invitation sent by your company for being part of the corporate event that you are hosting next month in Birmingham. This event has been on my company’s wish list for quite some time and I am extremely glad to tell you that we have accepted the invitation for it.

“The Business conclave corporate event” hosted by you is very reputed and talked about. Every textile business company wishes to be part of it so as to expand the range of clients, business scope and publicity. It is our honour to be invited and we shall take active participation in it.

Please send us all the details and the brochure for the corporate event as soon as possible so that we can make necessary preparations for it and inform about it to the employees. Just for the sake of information, I would like to tell you that we are particularly interested in anything that has to do with design and texture.

Thanking you

Jack McDonalds

Tim and Cook Corp.

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