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Birthday Party Acceptance Letter


Greg Harrison

H-78, first floor, Fourth block, West City road



Date: 12th June 2012

Subject: Birthday party acceptance letter

Hi Greg

I received the invitation card for your birthday party yesterday and would like to inform you that I shall be able to make it to it inspite of my ongoing examinations in school. Earlier I was a little doubtful about coming to your party but I am so excited to meet you and so happy that you are turning 16 that I decided to accept the invitation.

You are such a sweet friend that even after 2 years of changing school you remembered to invite me to your party and still consider me important enough. It was so difficult to say no to it as I am sure that the party will be really exciting. Infact it will be a reunion for us.

I shall be reaching Manchester on the 20th of June and would spend the entire day with you. I shall be leaving on the 21’st early in the morning as I have to get back to studies for my final exams.

Really looking forward to meet you and our gang.

Your friend

Jamie Jacobs

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