Contract Letters

Contract Letter Example


Halle Berry

West Rise Technologies

Marketing Department Head

21 Universal High Street

North Dakota, New Carolina 3456

Dated: 2nd of March 2012

Sub: Contract Letter

Respected Miss Berry,

This is in regards to the contract that you have entered with our organization to provide hardware as well as software services.  We would like to state few terms and conditions that you need to agree to in the contract.

You will be ensuring that all the computers in our organization are under working condition. In case any of them is not working you have to repair them. You will also have to develop and maintain the software used in the operations department.  The contract will be valid for a period of one year and if either of us wants to terminate it before one year, they will have to serve a notice period of one month.

In case of any query or doubts please feel free to contact us on 099-77-3388-8899

Looking forward of doing business with you.


Sean Penn

Managing Department

Zen Solutions

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