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Complaint Letter Example


Shaun West,

Block no. 19,

New Horizon appt,

Jacksonville, Florida.



Gamma Products,

Jacksonville, Florida.

Dear sir/madam,

I, Shaun West, am writing this letter in utter annoyance. This is to make you aware of the fact that the product which I had purchased 2 days ago via the telephone order reached in my hands today. First of all, the delivery was to be made on the day of order itself and it has been delayed by 2 days. One can bear the late delivery for once, if the product ordered is as per the desired quality.

The product which I have ordered was a juicer, going by the product number 544. The advertisement showcased many features of the juicer which are apparently not in presence in the product which has been delivered to me. The load power is almost half the advertised one. The accessories are missing. This is not expected from a reputed firm of yours. I am hoping that my complaint will not fall on deaf ears.

Yours faithfully,

Shaun West.

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