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Mr Collins,


Wilson Drive,



Mr Rodriquez,

Educate Them All NGO,


Dear Mr Rodriquez,

This letter has been drafted as a response to the charity appeal letter which has been directed to me on behalf of the Educate Them All NGO. I was completely moved by the noble deed which your NGO has been involved in. Education is the basis for everything in today’s world and providing education to a needy child implies fulfilling his or her every needs and making him or her capable of fulfilling their needs.

I wish to make a charity to your NGO to support this cause. I will be accepting the details as to how the donations can be made to the NGO. I also wish to commit for cause of this NGO in person. Besides the material help, I wish to put in some effort where I shall be able to share my knowledge and experience with these children. I am hopeful that my involvement shall be welcomed.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Collins

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