Farewell Letters

Farewell Letter to Colleague


Ms. Rebecca Sandler

The Mansion

200 Main Street

East Aurora, NY 14052

Finance Department

Everest Consulting Firm

4000 Brewerton Road

North Syracuse, NY 13212

Dear Everyone,

I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know that Friday next week, (Specify Date) will be my last day here at Everest Consulting Firm. It is with much regret that I am resigning to be with my husband who was promoted as Country Manager of their company in the Asia Pacific region.

The last three years of being with the team was such a magnificent experience that I will treasure for as long as I live. The cooperation you have extended to me was tremendous that we were always meeting our targets and even surpassing them at times. I would not have stood the pressure of the job if not for all your support and encouragement.

I will surely miss all the light moments that we shared during lunch break and more so the times we have shared talking about raising our children.

Please keep in touch. I will be sending to you my contact details as soon as we are settled in our new place. Meantime you can reach me at my home phone number 716-652-xxxx or my personal email


Rebecca Sandler

Farewell Letters

Funny Farewell Letter


Ms. Linda Bowman

The Upper Box

2000 Florence Avenue

Huntington Park, CA 90255

The Sales Department

Apex Multinational

16600 Valley View Avenue

La Mirada, CA 90638

Dear Teammates,

As you have known by now, I will be transferring to Marketing Department effective (Specify Date). I know you will miss me or should I say you will miss all the nacho salad I always bring Monday mornings, but let me go whole heartedly.

My transfer is an ultimate goal after getting trapped with you silly guys of the Sales Department for the last five years. I’ve been wanting for the management team to recognize my unsurpassed marketing creativity and this is the time for me to shine.

Special mention to the three most pain in the neck: Alex – you may now have my desk for as long as you want; Kimberley – you don’t have to sneak in the pantry to use my coffee mug, I’m leaving it for your endless use; and Betty – you may continue to share in my breakfast – I’m just a floor a way.

Just let me know of any occasion you are planning, count me in, call me at my extension number or shoot me an email at



Farewell Letters

Farewell letter to staff

Mr. Ryan Phillips

Barden St

Fort Myers, FL 33916

February 10, 2010

The Staff

Sales Department

Bright and Bold, Inc.

Dear staff,

I will be leaving my current position as your department head next week and I find it only proper to formally bid you farewell through this letter.  The company has opened a new branch in Detroit and has offered me a higher position.  I have accepted the job as it is a good move for my career.

I will be missing you all.  Everyone has done a great job elevating the company’s sales and it is noteworthy to congratulate you.  With your perseverance and dedication to your work, I know that you will reap more success for the company this year.  I am confident that whoever replaces me as your head will not have a problem managing the highly-capable team.


Regards to all,

Ryan Phillips

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Farewell Letters

Farewell letter to teacher

Ms. Beverly Warwick

N Bonnie Brae St

Los Angeles, CA 90026

July 29, 2010

Prof. Diana Stevens

Los Angeles School

CA 90026

Dear Prof. Stevens,

I write to you to bid you farewell as I am leaving school next week to transfer to another university.  My family is moving to Australia and I will be moving there too to continue my studies.  The move is quite sudden and I would have liked to have finished my studies first, but the move is necessary for us.

I want to tell you that you are the best teacher I have ever had.  You have become a close friend to me and I will miss the lessons that you teach us.  Beyond the academic subject, you have chosen me to become prepared and resourceful always.  I know these lessons will help me as I begin life in another country.

I wish you the best in your career.


Beverly Warwick

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Farewell Letters

Farewell letter to organization

Mr. John Evans

Collins Dr

Merced, CA 95348

June 10, 2010

Mr. David Robinson


Flora Volunteers Society

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I have been a loyal volunteer staff of your organization and it is sad for me to bid the organization farewell as I begin my new job next week.  I must say it has been an educational and fulfilling five years I have spent as a staff of the organization.  I chose to become a volunteer right after graduating from college because I was impressed by your organization’s cause.  I am a plant lover myself and I believe that each one of us should do what we can to help save all the species of plants.

I will still be in town and I am willing to spend some of my free time to help the organization in any way I can.  I still want to contribute to the advocacy as an organization member.


John Evans

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Farewell Letters

Farewell letter to father

Mr. Howard Rich

N Myers St

Burbank, CA 91506

August 1, 2010

Mr. Michael Rich

Yosemite Dr

Pacifica, CA 94044

Dear Dad,

I know you do not approve of my chosen career but I am writing you to tell you that I have finally been given a break in my career as a painter.  I have been chosen as one of the promising young painters of the country and I will be leaving town soon for my one-man exhibit in California.  I wrote to bid you farewell since I will be out of town for a year or more as I pursue my career.

I am optimistic that this will be the start of a fruitful career for me and I hope that you can now be proud of your son.  I pray that you and Mom will always be in good health.  I may not be able to visit you as often as before but I will make it a point to see you all as soon as I can.



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Farewell Letters

Farewell letter to mother

Mr. Calvin McDonald

Lombard St

San Francisco, CA 94111

November 3, 2010

Ms. Candice McDonald

Havenridge Dr

Corona, CA 92883

Dearest Mom,

I am not good at expressing myself personally so I write to you this letter to bid you farewell as I leave home for college.  I know that leaving home has been a long time coming since I am already of age but I still feel sad at having to move out.  I guess I will miss your cooking and warm, motherly care but as you have told me, I must grow up!

I feel great that I am now moving a step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a doctor.  I promise you I will do my best to excel in school and make you proud.  I will also bring with me the important lessons about life and relationships that you have taught me over the years, most especially the virtues of patience and compassion.

Take care of your health always.

Your son,


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Farewell Letters

Farewell letter to friend

Mr. Bert Lambert

Fairfield Ave

Fairfield, CA 94533

April 18, 2010

Mr. Kurt Davis

Martel Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90046

Dear Kurt,

How are you doing?  I have news that is both sad and happy to share with you.  I have been offered a new job with better salary and benefits.  However, the new job would require me to relocate to London together with my family.

We are set to leave town next week and I couldn’t leave without telling you the news.  It is sad that we will be farther from you and your family now and we could no longer have the weekend getaways that we hold every monthm when you visit us.  But I believe this move will be a good decision for my family since I will be able to provide better for them with the new job.

Keep in touch and I hope you could still come visit us one day.



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Farewell Letters

Employment farewell letter

Mr. Nigel West

Elegant Apartments

Bristol, BS17 1QY

October 20, 2010

James Williams

General Manager

Likeable Company


Dear Mr. Williams,

This is to notify you that I will be departing for London on November 25.  I have already personally discussed my reasons which are family-related to the human resources officer earlier.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the learning experience I have had during my tenure in your company.  I have gained important skills and knowledge that will continue to guide me as I pursue my career.  I have become a better person, both professionally and otherwise, because of my employment with you.

I have already turned over all documents and files related to my post to the human resources officer.  I will be available to give my replacement a thorough orientation about the status of my job should it take place before my departure.

You may contact me at my mobile number should you need to reach me.


Nigel West

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Farewell Letters

Farewell Letter to Work Colleagues

Jane Martin

Project Manager

ABC Company

New Jersey

28th March, 2008.

Dear All,

As you all know, very soon, I will be leaving ABC Company and moving away to London.  Infact tomorrow is my last working day here and I could not leave without bidding a proper farewell to all of you.

I wish to thank each one of you for your co-operation, patience and enthusiasm.  But for all your efforts I would not have been able to take the team to the Best Performing Team Trophy.  I also wish to thank you all for making me feel so comfortable and offering me a home away from home when I joined here newly.

If there is anything at all that I can do for you in London, I shall be most happy to do it for you.  Very soon I shall forward my contact details, but in the meanwhile my email id remains the same.

So, hoping to keep in touch with all of you,

Best Wishes,


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