Farewell Letters

Farewell letter to friend

Mr. Bert Lambert

Fairfield Ave

Fairfield, CA 94533

April 18, 2010

Mr. Kurt Davis

Martel Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90046

Dear Kurt,

How are you doing?  I have news that is both sad and happy to share with you.  I have been offered a new job with better salary and benefits.  However, the new job would require me to relocate to London together with my family.

We are set to leave town next week and I couldn’t leave without telling you the news.  It is sad that we will be farther from you and your family now and we could no longer have the weekend getaways that we hold every monthm when you visit us.  But I believe this move will be a good decision for my family since I will be able to provide better for them with the new job.

Keep in touch and I hope you could still come visit us one day.



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