Farewell Letters

Funny Farewell Letter


Ms. Linda Bowman

The Upper Box

2000 Florence Avenue

Huntington Park, CA 90255

The Sales Department

Apex Multinational

16600 Valley View Avenue

La Mirada, CA 90638

Dear Teammates,

As you have known by now, I will be transferring to Marketing Department effective (Specify Date). I know you will miss me or should I say you will miss all the nacho salad I always bring Monday mornings, but let me go whole heartedly.

My transfer is an ultimate goal after getting trapped with you silly guys of the Sales Department for the last five years. I’ve been wanting for the management team to recognize my unsurpassed marketing creativity and this is the time for me to shine.

Special mention to the three most pain in the neck: Alex – you may now have my desk for as long as you want; Kimberley – you don’t have to sneak in the pantry to use my coffee mug, I’m leaving it for your endless use; and Betty – you may continue to share in my breakfast – I’m just a floor a way.

Just let me know of any occasion you are planning, count me in, call me at my extension number or shoot me an email at



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