Breakup Letters

Breakup Letter Template


Name [here write the name of the recipient]

Address [write the address of the recipient]

________________ [Write the name of the receiver]

I am writing this letter and I hope you also know the reason that why I am writing this letter. I do not want to continue with this relationship, because_______________ [write the reason of the breakup in brief]. You also know that the relationship between us_____________ [write the present condition of the relationship which has made your mind for breakup].

Don’t blame yourself for this, because may be we both couldn’t understand each other. You know that we tried enough to make this relationship work by__________ [write about the ways in which you tried to make this relationship work].

Hope that we’ll remain _________________ [write about any future relation like friendship, buddies, strangers etc. if any, that you want to keep with your boyfriend/girlfriend] forever.

_________________ [write the name of the sender]

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