Order Letters

Book Order Letter


Mr. Max Adam

Head Purchase Department

Holborn Publication Limited

Alexandra Avenue

High Holborn


3 May, 2012

Subject: Order of 1000 books on SAP Technology

Dear Mr. Adam,

We are writing this letter to seek placement of a book order of 1000 books on SAP Technology by XYZ author of the latest edition. We are ordering these books in order to distribute the same to our employees on the occasion of our company’s centenary celebrations on May 31st 2012. We want the books to be delivered before 25th May 2012 so that they are individually packed in our company covers for distribution on the said day.

So we request you to kindly arrange for the books to be delivered on or before 25th May. Please find enclosed a cheque towards the advance payment and to facilitate processing of order from your end. We once again request you to kindly adhere strictly to the time deadline specified.

Thanking you,

John Smith

ABC Pvt Limited.

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