Collection Letters

Bad Debt Collection Letter


Mr. Roger Atkinson

675, Forest Lane

San Diego, CA

Date: 16-12-2011

Subject: Debt Collection Letter

Dear Mr. Atkinson

This letter is being written to you to remind you about the amount due on you, which you took as loan from our company Morgan Financers. The amount of $1500 is due to be paid.

You took a loan in September 2011 for $1500, which you were supposed to return back in first week of November 2011. We have sent you many notices and reminders, but none of them was communicated back. Kindly visit our office to settle down this amount before 24th December 2011, otherwise we would have to take legal actions against you as mentioned in the loan contract.

Kindly clear this amount as soon as possible to avoid any hassles, because if the amount is not received within given deadline, we’ll register a court case against you.

Yours’ sincerely

Adam Smith,

Debt Collection Manager, Morgan Financers

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