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Bad Check Collection Letter


Mr. Ben Atkinson

67, Waterfall Avenue

Square Street

San Diego, CA

Date: 16-12-2011

Subject: Bad check collection letter for the furniture purchased from Homeshop Mall

Dear Mr. Atkinson

This letter is being written to you to inform you that the check which you gave to make the furniture payment at Homeshop Mall, on 13th December 2011, for the amount of $450, being payable to me( Sharon Wilson) has bounced back. The reason given by bank is that enough funds were not available in your account.

You are requested to pay this amount at our office before December 18, 2011 as this is quite urgent.  I don’t want to proceed with legal actions, so to avoid these hassles kindly make payment as soon as possible.

I look forward to your cooperation in his matter, and hope that you’ll submit the money before the due date.

Yours’ sincerely

Sharon Wilson,

Manager, Homeshop Mall

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