Congratulations Letters

Award congratulations letter

Mr. Henry Onassis

Tysons Boulevard
McLean, Virginia 22102

May 8, 2010

Mr. Harry Onassis

Lakeview Avenue
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Dear Harry,

I received a letter from your school informing us that you have recently been chosen as one of the most outstanding students in your school.  I want to tell you how proud your mother and I are of you.  Congratulations, son!

I was teary-eyed upon learning about your award.  It seems like only yesterday when you were still a baby.  You were so little and fragile, and we never thought you would grow up so fast.  Now, you are already venturing into the world on your own and you are doing a great job at it!  It warms our heart knowing that you have grown up to be such a responsible and hard-working adult.  We know now that a great future lies ahead for you.  As long as you continue through life with a good attitude and love in your heart, you will not go wrong.



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