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Authorization Letter for Selling Property


Nathan Evans,

Property Lawyer

Law Legal firm

12 lawyer’s Court Road,

London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Authorization for selling property

Dear Mr. Evans,

I, Andrew James owner of Rose Villa, is writing this letter to authorize Barry Lyndon to sell my property on my behalf.

The property Rose Villa is a mansion and has a total area of 3000 square feet. I have resided in this property for around ten years. Now I have currently purchased another property and moved there so currently I want to sell Rose Villa. There may be possibilities that I may be absent and there is a client ready to buy the property. So, in such cases Barry Lyndon will get the opportunity to sell the property on my behalf to the client. I have explained him about the quotation of the property.

I would request you to please provide the above mentioned authority.

Thanking you,

Andrew James



Authorization Letters

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