Promotion Letters

Army Promotion Letter of Recommendation

Pencader ,

Dyfed ,




95, Chorley Rd,

Bolton ,

Lancashire , BL5 3PG


It is a great privilege for me to write this letter about my cadet who pursued any army training program here. The training program was conducted for a period of about one year and this was a very good program.

Among all the cadets, this cadet has excelled in all areas and proved very successful. So recommending this cadet for army is definitely a pleasure for me.

Apart from possessing good army officer capabilities, this cadet has lot of patience and discipline towards all other officers and demonstrates leadership qualities.

I am sure my cadet will be very successful in job and will prove all good abilities.

If there is any requirement of clarification or verification, please contact me and I will surely provide good and prompt response to you about the cadet.

I wish all the very best to my cadet and also thank you for this opportunity to submit this letter to you.



Promotion Letters

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