Appreciation Letters

Appreciation Letter to Vendor


Mrs Collins,

D -4, Privet Drive,



Mr Gonzales,

All in One Shop,

Privet Drive,


Dear Mr Gonzales,

This letter has been drafted as an appreciation for all the support which you have rendered to me and my family. We are in the process of shifting to Glasgow and the one thing which we gone miss the most is you and your, All in One, shop. Firstly, talking about the shop, as the name brings upon, it has served the satiation of almost all the household needs for us and the only thing which we needed to do was to call for the thing.

Besides, the shop you have been very supportive to us and have guided us for our betterment like a family member. From the very first day we moved into Privet Drive to this day and forever, we would always be thankful for your support. We wish that we find someone like you in Glasgow, but needless to say that no one can take your place.

Thanking you,

Mrs Collins

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