Appointment Letters

Appointment Letter for Employee


Ms. Sana Jones

7654, Alpine Street,

Square Avenue

Pologna, FL

12th December,2011

Subject: Letter for appointment

Respected Ma’am

As a result of your interview and written test, the board and management have taken a collective decision to appoint you as the RHCE faculty for our in-house and corporate training. The recruitment team was very much satisfied with your performance in the interview and the written test.

You are expected to report at our office within a week, and you are supposed to start your first assignment by 26th December 2011. We hope that you will also be happy to be a part of our organization and will contribute your best efforts for the growth of the company.

Please return the duplicate copy of this letter duly signed confirming your acceptance.

We look forward to your joining our team for a long and successful association.

Yours’ sincerely

Katy Roberts

HR Head,

SysInfo Technologies

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