Appointment Letters

Appointment Letter Draft


Daniel Symonds

6th avenue, Mane Street,


14th December 2011

Subject: Appointment Letter Draft to remind the scheduled appointment.

Dear Ma’am

This letter is being written to you, to remind you about your appointment with our nutritionist scheduled on coming Monday, 19th December 2011. We would also need to do some medical tests for you, so please come with empty stomach. Kindly get your urine sample, as for some medical tests we would require that also. These medical tests will help the doctor to diagnose you properly.

Your appointment has been booked with Dr. Parker. We expect back a confirmation from your end that you’ll be able to make up for this appointment or if you want to postpone it to some other date and time.

Kindly cooperate and please be on right time in the clinic so that other patients do not suffer any inconvenience.

Yours’ sincerely

Ms. Stella Smith

St. Morris Nutrition and Surgery Centre.

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