Appeal Letters

Appeal Letter for Charity


Alexander Christ

Chief Executive Officer

Orange Electronics Limited

90, Flood Street, Northern London


25th July 2012

Subject: Appeal Letter for Charity

Dear Mr. Alexander

I am writing this letter to place an appeal for charity from the corporate social responsibility fund of your company to our charitable trust which is involved in helping old age people of our society. I would like to inform you that “Old Age self helps Group” is a 50 year’s old organization. We provide food, shelter and other basic amenities to those people who have been discarded by their family member in the last stages of their life. Our charitable trust is the only hope for the dejected old and weak people residing around northern London. I would request you to kindly grant us some funds from your behemoth organization so that we can successfully carry out our charitable activities.

Hope that you will consider my appeal letter for charity and allocate us maximum funds possible from your company’s coffers. I eagerly wait for a positive response from you side on this matter. I would like to thank you for considering my application. Since our group is a registered organization the donation made from your side will be exempted from income tax.

Yours Sincerely

James Peterson

Fund Manager

Old Age Self helps Group

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