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Apology Letter To Patient


Dr Doolittle,

Xavier Clinic,



Mrs Scott,

Bed no 9,

Xavier Clinic,


Dear Mrs Scott,

This letter has surfaced for the need of expressing my apologies for the inconvenience which you were required to face before you were operated upon. The thing is that there has been some serious mistake on the part of my staff for scheduling two operations at a same time and since the other patient was in a critical condition; his operation has to be done prior to yours. This has resulted in you waiting an extra day admitted to this clinic. I apologies you for the loss of time which you have suffered and the inconvenience which you had to face.

We shall not be charging any penny for the services which were rendered to you for the additional stay of yours at this clinic, as a part of our regret expression. I hope you forgive us for this erroneous inconvenience and accept the relaxation in the charges offered to you.

Yours caringly,

Dr Doolittle

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Apology Letters

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