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Apology letter for tardiness

September 9, 2010

Ms. Pamela Scott


Ink Magic, Inc.

Dear Ms. Scott:

I write this letter to express my apology for being tardy these past two days.  My baby has been ill for one week now and I have had to give extra care for him until early morning before leaving for work.  This morning, I had to bring him to the hospital due to a high fever and couldn’t leave him with the caregiver right away.

I will make up for the lost time by staying for an extra two hours after my shift in the office to work for two days.  If necessary, I will also accept additional workload.  Although the cause of my tardiness was unexpected, I will not forget to immediately inform you about my situation should the same problem occur.  I hope you accept my apologies.

Thank you.  I am hoping for your kind consideration.

Warm regards,

Mary McGhee


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