Admission Letters

Admission Letter Template

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(Put the name of the receiver and position in school/university)

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Dear (name of receiver),

Duly respected (put the name of receiver) I am writing this letter for my plea to be admitted in your school as my interest and parents wish to, my name is (put the complete name of student), 11 years old, currently at my grade 6 at our town school since I was a kid. I heard a lot of great and pleasing things with my cousins who already studying at your school.  Most of your students are joining some competitions not only here in our state but also internationally in the fields of math, science and language. My wish since as I’m a kid is to join some competition and to win so my parents can be proud at me.

My parents are my driving force to finish my studies; I love them so much as I love my studies to. I want to make every penny well spent in my school years for them because I can see their hardship just to sustain my schooling. I hope you will do the right thing with my plea, thank you so much.


(Name of sender)



Admission Letters

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