Admission Letters

Admission Letter Example

(Put the recent date)

(Put the name of the receiver and position in school/university)

(Put the name of the school/university)

(Put the address and country code of the school/university)

Dear (name of receiver),

I want to introduce myself as a student of (put the name of current school) at grade 10 of my recent school years and wanting to practice my medicine at your prominent university who already known to excel in the fields of health and medicine. I knew that your university only accepts those students with excellent academic records with good and moral behavior so I enclosed all my records and referral with this letter. I want to be the best doctor as I can be to help the patient who are unfortunate and cannot accommodate medical expenses. It s  breaks my heart to see some patient who are dying especially the little ones who don’t know what is already happening in their life; I want to change this cycle of misfortunes of the underprivileged and I want to start it with me. I know its too ambitious but I knew its already that its my goal in life.

Please call me at this number (put the contact number) for additional information about my admission. I hope you will respond with my letter, thank you.

Yours truly,

(Name of sender)

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