Admission Letters

Admission Confirmation Letter

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Dear (name of student),

Good day this is from the admission department of (put the university being applied) and I am in immense pleasure to tell you that your admission in our university for this school year has been approved. We already look your files and records; we are amaze on all your achievements since as a kid and are a math wizard in your school. As you may know we accept students with exceptional talents and knowledge so we knew you deserve to be at our university.

We will call you by this week for the day of your interview and the requirements for your admission. Please be on time on the said date we will give you and bring all the requirements we will request to avoid any problems at your enrollment. Call us at our phone number for immediate response to your questions or queries. We thank you for choosing us and we look forward to have a good relationship with you.


(Put the name of the receiver and position in school/university)

(Put the name of the school/university)

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