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Re: admission of my daughter to your university

Dear (name of receiver),

Duly respected Ma’am, I, (name of sender) would like to apply my only daughter (put the name of daughter) to your university to finish her high school. We just apparently move at this city from Las Vegas last week and we are new at this neighborhood. I look at the schools and universities that can give my only daughter the education she needs in this city and the only university that gets my attention is your university. I recognize how your students do their school work because my neighbor’s son is currently at your school. My daughter is a clever child, she likes art and music since grade school, she can play guitar, violin and piano, she is also a valedictorian in her previous school for four years. I already read all the requirements for the application at your university so I with this letter is the picture and school records of my daughter.

I anticipate a response from your school with my letter, thank you.


(Name of sender)

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