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Admission Letter

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Dear (name of receiver),

Good day Sir, hoping you and your family are all in good condition, my name is (put the name of sender), I am currently studying at (put the recent school attending to) and I am already at grade 9, I want to pursue my high school years at your science school to make my knowledge and experience in my school years. I read all about your school and I am amaze about the achievements of your students in their high school and college years, so I decided immediately to be a part of your science school.

I already search all the requirements for your admission and I already enclosed it with this letter. I can say that I am one of the bright students in our school as my class records show since elementary years and I want to achieve more in terms of science because it is my field of interest since I was a kid.

I hope you will do the right and fair thing with this request, thank you so much for reading this letter.


(Name of sender)

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