Acknowledgement Letters

Acknowledgement Letter Template


_____________ [Name of recipient of letter]

_____________ [Address]

_____________ [Date]

Subject: _____________ [State the subject of the acknowledgement letter in brief]

_____________ [Salutation and title, Name],

We have received your application_____________ [state what kind of application, job, studies etc] for _____________ [name of designation or course of study applied for] at _____________ [name of educational institute, organization or company] on _____________ [mention date on which the application was received]. We appreciate the time and hard work you devoted in creating the application and are happy to see your interest in our organization. Since we have received _____________ [mention number of applications] applications, we will need some time to review them before we can shortlist the candidates.

After that we will hold a _____________ [process which is to be followed], the dates of which will be informed to you through the phone number and email address you gave. Our organization is a leader in its sector and you have taken the right decision in applying here. If you have further questions, we will be happy to answer them you can contact_____________ [Mr./Ms. give name] at _____________ [give phone number, email address or postal address] for any queries. Once again thank you for application and you will hear from us soon.

Yours truly,

_____________ [Name of sender]

_____________ [Designation]

_____________ [Name of company or institute]

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